Congress ERUPTS As Rand Paul CRITICIZE The Entire Democrats


Watch! Rand Paul Gets up and criticizes the entire Democrats in congress


Back in the 1800s people were a lot smarter. Everybody thinks we have much more technology and intelligence today but rarely do I see someone really looking at the bottom line. The dumbing down of the American public, being educated by teachers and professors pushing political agendas has all but destroyed our country.

Great speech but the ones he is speaking to will keep doing what they are doing spending taxpayers money.


  1. Rand Paul is correct; the educational system is horribly broke and there isn’t a politician, especially a Democrat
    anywhere, who calls for defunding wokeism. The dumbing down of the educational system imperils us all especially the young.

  2. I dare say that when the dems heard where he was going, they tuned him out immediately. However most Americans listened and were probably appalled to hear some studies that WE THE PEOPLE funded. The idiot dems are voted in to represent us, not decimate us personally or as the entire country! Do they really think we care about frogs croaking or selfies or any other study Paul listed for millions of dollars? Insanity at its best!

  3. Face it… Teachers are simply glorified baby sitters. Someone explain to me the following. When I went to school , I went to learn, I carried a lunch box with food and a book bag with school supplies ,and my clothing was put on my back and cleaned by my PARENTS… Why has “education” turned into anything but? My parents were responsible for “raising ” me. Today, here in Denver, we have after school programs, (baby sitting), school lunch programs..- the new lunch box. meals that parents have nothing to do with and one in my neighborhood even installed a washer and a dryer for those who can’t wash their kids clothes. The beggars on local network TV constantly are soliciting money for school supplies. Somebody please EXPLAIN to me why this is what EDUCATION now consists of? If you can’t care for a child then don’t have one.. I didn’t opt in to raise , clothe , feed and supply YOUR KID.

  4. The truth, is the last thing the dumbocraps want to hear. They can’t digest it,because they never tell the truth.They lie so much,they have started to believe their own bs/propaganda.


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