CNN Reporter HUMILIATED By Kenyan President Over LGBT Rights!!!



I have a new respect for Kenya’s president.

This guy has more guts then most Rino Republicans.


  1. At least someone on earth has common sense and realizes that we all need to live and let live as long as they are not SHOVING it down our THROATS….. Kudos to this man. And what is with her fingers??? Giving or throwing signs? Tie her hands behind her back, or better yet ask her about bath houses, fisting and glory holes… or teaching first graders the ropes of being a homo. He is a realist and deals with real problems, not where some HOMO puts his/its /her private parts. He put her in her place… now all we need to do is flush her.

  2. Who cares about gays and lesbians and trans rights when people are starving. People can’t feed their children. People have no jobs and maybe people losing their homes. The Kenya president is right, there are more important issues than wokeness.

  3. Why doesn’t she go to Afghanistan and ask the question regarding what rights women (is she knows what a woman is) have to include what they can and cannot wear. Wonder if she get to ask more than one question before she is jailed or the very least kivked out of country.

  4. If they just tryed to blend in, no one would say anything about them. But the fact they have to dress queen and prade around in front of everyone. That’s what gets them in trouble. I get tried of trying to explain to my grand kids why they do that. That’s what keeps me against them. The fact they want the same sex person makes no difference to me . It’s not my circus, not my monkeys. try keeping your business to yourself. I not trying to tell you how to act. Just clean it up some in public. Or deal with the crap that comes with it. Your choice.


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