WHITE HOUSE DOWN! Is this the end for Joe Biden? These New poll numbers are ABSOLUTELY Devastating!




What amazes me is the percentage of people who still think he’s doing a good job.I personally think these polls are slanted in Bidens favor because I think his approval rating should maybe be 20% at its best.


  1. Who in the world is telling u that?bidens numbers are closer to 22%, overall for everything he has done, damaged or destroyed.We have inflation 8.2%,gas $500+a gallon,food we can’t afford,invasion at the border,fentinal flooding our country killing thousands,Crime out of control,this is hidenbidens lawless America.He thinks he doing great,shows how mentally unfit,demented,deranged,delusional this embarrassment has become.Joe needs to go.

  2. In my 84 years of life, I have never witnessed an administration similar to what we are seeing right now. Biden, and his dreadful regime threatens all that I hold dear about being an American. A deep ominous shadow hangs over the Presidency, and our belief in the government and it’s institutions. We must remove this shameful individual at the polls, and his fellow travelers. Stand up for who we are as a nation, and as it’s people!

    • I am 77 and I cannot believe that this man is our president.
      I did my homework before I voted for any one, and Trump was the best President we have ever had. He cut through the bull shit, and showed the nation and the world how a country should be run. That is why they hate him so much, and that is why they are afraid he might be back. I will vote for him again. I will never vote for a DemocRAT, ever…..

  3. I am 76 years old and I have never seen our country so in trouble as it is at this time under this Moron of a President. I have lost in or on about everything I have tried to do to help support my family. It was my plan to retire, if President Trump was re-elected in 2020, because for the first time in many years, I felt I was financially sound, but now I can’t even think about retiring, I have lost on all my investments, my expenses have gone out of site, and I am drawing my Social Security, but that is not enough to pay for our basic living expenses, anymore.

    • You are not alone friend. I’m 78 and I was forced into retirement for severe health issues, years ago. My wife and I were doing OK while Trump was President but now, with traitor Biden at the helm, we’re in deep Schiff! Despite our efforts, our retirement funds are dwindling almost at a daily rate. I can only hope that someone kills Biden and his CRIME FAMILY before we lose our home and go hungry!

      • That is correct, we need to get Trump back in…I had to go back to work at 77 years old….and I watch Bien, Pelosi and the millions they are bringing in, and it really makes me angry. This entire Administration makes me a angry!

  4. How much more BS are we going to tolerate from this senile traitor and chief? He and his entire CRIME FAMILY are in the pockets of the Communist Chinese, he/they are traitors that need to be exterminated!


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