What Steve Bannon’s Arrest Means for America


The latest charges filed against former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon should serve as a warning to all Americans to the right of the Biden administration. Jason and Royce White reveal the true targets of the Left.


Unless we get positions in polling places and work local elections, especially key states; we won’t be able to change anything and the investigations will continue until the evidence can be made or framed to fit. We need to secure true and honest free and fair elections but we have to get out there where the damage is being done and WORK the elections as nothing is passed legislatively that will protect elections from power hungry people on both sides of the aisle.

The people who deserve what they get are those folks in ROYCE district, the very dummies that did not VOTE for ROYCE for congress. Disgusting, to have a candidate that great and ignore him, or vote against, I think I will PUKE


  1. Couldn’t have said it better michael. Unfortunately many of them good men, need to republicans, but I see lately, the repukes are like crickets. their a bunch of spineless,backstabbing,rhinos like McConnel,graham,romney,collins,murkoski,McCarthy,we need change,and they had a big lead, now nothing,If u dam repukes, screw the American people over again,u will never win another election,because the deamonrats cheat so good, and u are chicken to call it voter fraud when it’s proven,cheating when it’s caught, Grow some.

  2. Both sides are really just the same, Politicians, so they will do whatever is needed to get elected and business as usual afterward.
    With this going on America as we have known it especially those of us above 80 will be just a memory and 100 years from now noted and studied in schools history classes as an example of errors to avoid in their history books.


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