Watch This: Pelosi Gets EXPOSED With This ONE Simple Question…

Banks EXPOSES Pelosi with One Simple Question
Image from video below...

Dinesh D’Souza
– Americans want answers.

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Peloxi needs to be held accountable.. she refused more help like President Donald Trump offered..Peloxi and FBI worked together on 1/6.. they had plenty of time to plan…

We all know that she’s behind it

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Jo Lilley

Perhaps they aren’t answering these questions because: Pelosi would have to admit to planning the event along with the FBI, but I’m sure it was masterminded at a more “elite” level than Pelosi. She isn’t smart enough to plan this without getting caught. Just her involvement caused the questions to be brought up. The true mastermind should have thought of that. Of course he may have just needed a scapegoat for later. Those kind of people never get their own hands dirty. Pelosi better hope her insurance is up to date, because she’s expendable.