Surprising news from Pennsylvania as a Democrat switches to the GOP after 34 years



I’m 65 and was a vote in every election democrat until 2016 when I changed party affiliation. Voted the first time at 18 by absentee ballot. Just couldn’t believe in the democrats anymore. PA needs a red wave.

I don’t know how anyone can be a democrat after this administration


  1. Finally a man of conscience among (former) Democrat politicians. Just once I would like to hear so-called centrist Democrats standup and state their beliefs instead of following like sheep.

  2. A free collectible! Just pay shipping? The depths to which you will sink would make anyones hair hurt. I suppose that if you act now, one will receive a signed photograph of you as a bonus. Subway is hiring!

  3. I remember when this happened under Bill Clinton when several dummycrats changed partied because they were no longer in the majority. Seemed like a good thing but as time went by most of these transparty people turned out to be RINOs.

    • Just celebrate the movie. There are liberals and conservatives. Liberals, pay close attention to Prager, are not the enemy. The Left is. Most democrats are unless you can find one that is a true liberal. Right now the goal is to fill Congress with red seats.The Left is destroying the democrat party and if you pay attention to real people that don’t behind fake names, people are leaning conservative.

  4. Stop moving the deck chairs chairs around toss the anti American incumbents out Mitch Nance Chuck and yes ole Kevin,Conservative my Ass head to Bejing enjoy an extended stay how about just stay you are all a big anti American problem at least 3 of you are traitors Xi will take care of you.DUDA

  5. Face it, in order to be a Liberal, one must have a “history”. What history? Oh, lets see. Drug abuse, fornication, homo play, abortion, open marriage, alcohol abuse, kiddie porn, … etc. How to abate the guilt? How to make a really awful existence legit? MAKE IT ALL LEGAL and then claim to be “ahead of your time”.. You weren’t a creeper, you were a trail blazer Ha. Open minded, fearless… NO you were an out of control child who never could assume personal responsibilty for a wretched life .

  6. Let’s hope this person won’t be another RINO. It was during Bill Clinton’s time that democrats changed party, because they were failing in the polls. The new goal of the democrats running for office is to switch parties, and thus become a part of the UNIPARTY of Democrats and RINOS. The Trojan Horse comes to mind.

  7. More people running away from the 100% corrupt democrat party.

    At this point anyone who defends, supports or claims membership in the democrat party can be assumed to be a criminal and you can assume your life is in danger being near them.


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