She Is One Of The Most Prime Examples Of Keeping Racism Alive.



She is one of the most prime examples of keeping racism alive. Racism has to end on all sides

I’m telling you, she just doesn’t want to buy the ticket so she wants to guilt people into giving her a ticket


  1. How about if white people never buy a tix and go to this movie? That way there will never be a follow up because the movie made no money. That way we won’t have to deal with you or your crap anymore. Hollywood will also not make any more black movies because they do my make money?

    • The first movies to go is the one showing one black man shooting up and kicking a bunch of white men’s as-ses making him look superior to the white and, the one movie where two white guys and two blacks are talking and the blacks are calling the white guys “WHITE BOYS” over and over again making punks out of them while the whites act like they’re being complemented. How much was those white actors payed to except that crap knowing people would be seeing them like that. But if you made the movies where the whites would be the big shots belittling them out calling them black boys first the no black man would go for it and it would be called races.

    • including pro sports! You stop that and i love “SPORTS”. I hate the money thrown at these idiots both White and Black and in most cases they can not handle the money! Stop promoting Hollywood, Pro Sports and while we are at it, lefties and Yellow back Republican and RINO! If we 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots would just stop it we would straighten out a lot of Americas problems!!!

    • What? that makes no sense. Most whites don’t go to crappy trash like this anyway. There is just no interest in the repeating of the same whining blame that’s gone on for decades. At some point blacks have to stop hating themselves and deal with their OWN shit. How many whites you see in the ghetto doing drive by’s???? 0 NONE. How many do you see trying to “appropriate’ that wonderful negroid life style… NONE. We all share “traditions and some parts of culture” not to take it over, but just because it is appealing and we enjoy it. Really, I don’t want to live in the hood, or hang in a gang , For real Isn’t it just funnier that hell that the race who abhorred segregation , is now the biggest segregator in the USA?

    • Some people are races of other peoples racisms, you can take their sh-t being call what they are, only so much then you speak your mind ! Blacks are the most races race in the United States continuously attacking whites of all ages/sex while always playing the race card like weir stooped and can’t see through the bull.

  2. Why do people have to hate? no matter what color one is, simple, lets all get alone,
    Look at Liz Cheney,,, hatred,, is destroying her, she will never mount to crap,, now, she is a out cast,, spying on the ROP, now they are rid of her,
    Pelosi is the ring leader of all the bad going on at the white house, when they made her speaker of the house, she has made millions for her an hubby in back room sweet deals, she needs to be tried in the court of law, corrupt The law has got corrupt,
    The news media is own by the richest of rich, corrupted, see what money has done to the world, all countries, the rich has taken over and dogging the poor,,
    Remember, God Loves you,

  3. Racism isn’t going away any time soon and if the media keeps using racism (like this young lady and her mouth) we’ll never get rid of it. The publicity she gets if costing this country lots of money and all this person has done is help to divide this country more. Media: Stop patronizing people like this. All you are accomplishing is giving notoriety to stupidity!


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