SCANDAL: 1 Person DEAD – Kamala Harris Enabled A MURDERER – He’s What She Did



By her direct action of her policies she is now implicated in the murder as an accomplis in the crime.

She knowingly allowed a serious criminal to walk free from prison she’s responsible for this.


  1. So kamala and her bail fund to release violent protesters, people burning our cities, and rioting.Well,one of her protesters,that she bailed out, just murdered someone, and she is just as responsible and the murderer.

  2. There will be nothing done about It. Camel Toe’s Ho will not be Questioned or Prosecuted. She thinks that she stands back and says Nothing they will not Ever Bother her. She’s as GUILTY as the Guy that Murdered that Person. She needs to be Prosecuted to fullest extent of the LAW.

  3. I think that she should be brought up on
    charges of being an accomplish to murder
    and put in prison for life with out parole
    for life..

  4. Nobody is above the law unless you are a Democrat, BLM, Biden adm., etc. They are still scared of Trump. Think in the end, he will drain the Swamp. That is what FBI was looking for, all the dirt he has on them.

  5. If it was my family that loses a member like this, she would not draw another breath! The BIBLE says if you shed innocent blood your blood is required! In this case no one will do anything and many more will die!! I hope it never happens to any member of our family and anyone guilty of my family’s lose will pay the ultimate price! Prosecutors, judges ,politicians! This left wing Demoncrats, yellow back Republicans are horrible! We must 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots must right the ship “NOW”!

  6. Just one more reason why nobody should be voting for any democrats ever.

    Their corruption never ends.

    Their bad choices are constant.

    Their attacks on others are always to cover for their crimes.


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