Public School Teacher EXPOSED for Promoting Political Violence??!



A teacher promoting any violence has no business being anywhere near children.

Imagine kids individually going to her home to throw a brick through her window. When she comes out to yell at them, they say “Sorry, I was just doing my homework and practicing my brick throwing and didn’t know you lived here”. After it happens about a 100 times in a year or two, she might reconsider.


  1. I am a great grandfather, I know a thing or two about children, I even was one myself and I can safely say that children need time with other children so home school is “not” the cure “prison” is. There was a time when these same sick teachers would have been arrested when they no more than started their sick crap. More and more people of various ages mostly young have got it in their heads that, what ever they want is their right, what about everyone else rights. I guess if your not one of them, you have no rights.

    • As an afterthought I want to add that the young men, not women are much better than that when it come to defending our rights, freedom and our country. WAKS and WAVES are fine because in my time they did a great job. But when or if it comes to combat gives our young guys something very important to come to come home to. Personally, I strongly feel we’ll soon be in WW3 and it’ll make WW2 look like a tea party. By what I just wrote I meant nothing against women. It just meant that we have to draw the line somewhere. Having experienced the tender touch of some tough Navy nurses I know there are jobs women do better than men.

  2. Kenneth, I totally agree with what you wrote. What’s wrong with teachers TEACHING THE 3 R’s and of course HISTORY? I’m also a great grandfather and soon to be a great great grandfather. If my kids were in school they would go to a private school or a parochial school, no matter what the cost. I dropped out of high school in 1943 to join the Navy and help defend our country. From reports I’ve seen, patriotism and education instead of brainwashing are no longer in vogue. You have no idea how badly I feel about what’s happening to our country.

  3. Parents have to get more involved in their kids schooling. If there are any stay-at-home moms like I was, they should be up at school (outside the classroom taping these nitwit teachers) and let other parents know what’s going on in class. I did and did a lot of complaining and got things done (this was back in the 70’s and through my kid’s high school yrs.). Parents why pay taxes when your kids are learning to become criminals (and may end up in jail because a stupid teachers). Hire teachers who will teach the 3R and real history and important subjects to survive the real world (home school) and pay them with your tax money. Sure, you can get a number of parents willing to have their kids taught properly. Start your own schoolhouse (like the real old times when you had kids in different grades in the same room). Something has to be done or your kids will be going down the wrong path in life.

  4. Wake the hell up parents,or your kids will be indoctrinated,and u won’t know.These crazy,loons pretending to be teachers. are trying to destroy your kids, and if your not involved u may lose them.


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