Joe Biden’s leadership is ‘dangerous for the world’


Authoritarian nations are looking at US President Joe Biden and seeing a president who is not in charge “of his own mind,” says Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce. “While this is embarrassing for Americans, it’s dangerous for the world,” Ms Bruce said. “Because we’re not the only ones seeing this. “Bad actors around the world … realise that America does not have a president who is functional.”


“Weakness begets war”, said president Donald Trump.

Pelosi needs to be held accountable!


  1. The people of the United States sees how bad this country has gotten since the Democrats are running it and the president who doesn’t know how to ties on shoes if he ties them we need leaders that will lead our country into a victory not destroy us make sure you vote them out of office think of your kids and your grandkids and what they will have to live with if you vote the wrong direction

  2. This mentally,unhinged,incompetent,buffoon, needs to be removed immediately, he is a danger to America and americans. Get rid of this puppet, fool.He doesn’t have a clue, what the hell he is saying, which could cost us getting nuked, by the stupid shit he says.

  3. Biden’s a danger to the world? We had all better believe it! He predicted exactly what Russia was going to do in Ukraine and Putin did it. Now, Biden’s running his mouth about how terrible Russia is. With that I must agree. However, with his saying we’ll defend Tiawan militarily is just the second step toward World War Three. He either doesn’t care or is just too stupid to realize that we’d be taking on Russia, China, Iran and probably North Korea in a war we can’t win. Personally, I feel Biden considers himself a ‘great wartime leader’ and nothing could be farther from the truth. In addition to that, we wouldn’t have time to mobilize when/if attacked. We are simply not prepared. Our Navy is down by 1/3, The Marine Corps is pretty much the same and the Army is complaining about not getting enough recruits. We have Joe Biden to thank for those things. We can also thank him for sending no telling how many barrels of oil from our Stregic Oil Reserve to China instead of keeping it here for emergency use by our military. Personally, I’d like to know just what country Biden thinks he president of.


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