Hilarious Video of Californians Adjusting To New Life In Texas 不不


This couple left California due to the cost of living, crime, taxes, etc. etc. etc. But now they’re not so sure they can get used to living in Texas!


If you voted for Gavin Newsom, STAY IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! Don’t turn Texas into the California dump!

This clip is funny, but the truth is, about 30% of my neighbors are now from California. When we approach them to welcome them to the neighborhood, they look at us funny, like there’s something wrong with us. What get’s me the most is the judgmental and condescending attitude. Texans are very welcoming people, but please don’t judge us and don’t try to change us. We like our liberty and freedom. Thank you!


  1. I spent 22 months of living hell in your dear state of Texas, and the whole time I wondered why the hell we fought the Alamo? I dont like the way my birth state is run (Ca.) but am willing to fight for the way it was as a kid, am 74 now, to each his own, and YES I am for Trump!

  2. I sold an 8 week old Great White Pyrenees puppy to a young couple that recently moved here from California after explaining their need for open space due to their size and nature but they just had to have it. Most Texans know they’re widely used here as large guard dogs for livestock and they’re highly social though very independent. They managed for about 2 days before asking to return it because it was so “lively”. BLM tried to protest at the local Court house during the George Floyd comedy of errors in Weatherford at the town square: about 15 of them. They stood in a tight group looking like scared rabbits as thousands of the locals surrounded them just to watch the side show and see what they might try which wasn’t anything. I could see the sheriff’s department nearby in their cars laughing at the obstacle. Needless to say, they didn’t garner any sympathy for their efforts lol.

  3. In 1974, the hippies in your California were just beginning to displace school teachers and politicians; Starbucks did not exist, donut and coffee shops were where you stopped on your way to WORK (not a destination to spend half the day while others worked.)


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