GOOD BYE: Lori Lightfoot Humiliated After HUGE COMPANY Evacuates Crimeridden Chicago



I cannot believe how bloody arrogant she (or it) is! She (or it) flatly refuses to acknowledge the chaos in Chicago. She (or it) is a proven pathological liar!

To all Tyson employees who just lost their jobs and voted democrat….HAD ENOUGH YET?


  1. Another example of the abject failure of the Leftist/Democrat philosophy, in this case represented by Lori Lightbrain (my name for her). When will citizens of major cities say enough and remove these pariahs from office?

  2. Tysons is leaving Downers Grove, not Chicago and So. Dakota idiot. They also explicitly stated the move had nothing to do with crime. At the same time Kelloggs is moving TO CHICAGO but your amoeba sized brain is filled with nothing more than vitriol. If your company had any integrity they would move you to the circular file!

    • You obviously know nothing about the losses in Chicago due to crime and taxes! If you lived in the city or suburbs you would know that! What about Caterpillar and Boeing? Tyson has cited the “skyrocketing crime rate” as has McDonalds!And Kellogg’s already owns the Keebler building in Elmhurst but nothing is written in stone on that either! Where have YOU been? When employees or management aren’t safe going to and from work, or the taxes are so high, why would anyone be surprised by the losses? I wouldn’t trust those city officials to walk my dog, let alone solve ANY of that hellhole city’s problems!

    • It is true Kelloggs is moving to Chicago, wonder how many incentives it took to get them there or maybe they own the buildind already.
      Guess their spokesperson told a lie with this:Tyson released a press brief announcing the company’s plans to shut down its Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, Downers Grove, Illinois and Chicago offices and transfer employees to the international meatpacker’s world headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas as soon as early 2023.
      But being democrat does cause a person to only believe and say what they want the world to believe.


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