California Needs To Become It’s Own Country With This BS!


California has become the first US state to formally ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles, which will come into effect in 2035. The ruling will force automakers to speed up the production of cleaner vehicles. “We have to work as a society to help manufacturers come up with the technologies to drive that price down so that EVs can be affordable,” California New Car Dealers Association’s Brian Maas said.


Well, seeing how celebs and the super rich travel around in private jets and helicopters and sail barges, I’m sure this will really drive up the value of the state.

California needs to become it’s own country.


  1. How about our automakers take a stand . If California doesn’t want fossil fuel vehicles. To be sold in their state after 2025 . Don’t sell them any starting now . Attitude adjust
    that spoiled brat

  2. Calfornicate– does not use its natural resources- and to become its own Country– several top Economists have indicated they cannot even support themselves without the aid of other States- I.E. the US Government. Truly a failed State,,,

  3. I grew up in California in the late ’20s, the ’30s and early 40s. It was an absolutely fantastic place for young people to grow up. That is obviously no longer the case. We had freedom kids no longer have actually anywhere anymore. We hunted, fished, spent day after day on the beach. I spent my working years there but when I retired I realized it was no longer home. Everything has changed for the worse. My friends are all gone. People living there now obviously have a pretty good idea of what Hell is going to be like.

  4. I believe California is right. We need to get away from fossil fuels and gasoline as soon as possible. For one thing, oil is too precious to burn. It is used for so many products. Secondly, it pollutes the atmosphere. Our astronauts back in the 60s looked down on Los Angeles and saw the thick smog. They asked, “Does anybody live down there?” Thirdly, burning fossil fuels not only contributes to smog and pollution, but it is also increasing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causing climate change. We need to change over to electric cars as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work, we need to make it work.

    • The CO2 in the air is a joke. It is a lie. Explain how for 70,000,000 years we had a stable climate during the Cretaceous period with CO2 levels of 7,000 ppm and annual rainfall of 83+ inches a year, while today CO2 is 520ppm and our annual rainfall is 39+ inches a year. Climate has shifted widely over the last 65,000,000 years as the planet recovers from the devastating Chicxulub event that so drastically cooled the planet. Given the astrophysical conditions of 140,000,000 years ago are virtually unchanged, the earth will return to it’s once Eden like state with no standing ice, nor deserts. Completely covered with lush vegetation.

  5. If there are any people left in California that are not brain dead you need to take your ARs to Sacramento first, then all the big cities next and “GET THE JOB DONE”! It is a shame. I would would never want to hurt anyone physically, BUT, we need to save our country NOW while there is something left to save! A full out civil war, hoping to not have to fire a shot, but willing to save this NATION, is needed NOW! We have let these sickos spread their cancer too long! 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, red, yellow, black, white, ready to right the ship NOW!!! Ultra MAGAN!!!

  6. Until we can invent vehicles that create their own electricity by the turning of its wheels so no fill ups will be needed fossil fuels will be needed to create electricity.

  7. All electric cars will greatly escalate the use of electricity, seems obvious, duh. California has insufficient capacity now and no plans to increase generation. So where will this increase in power come from. From you and me. They’ll steal it just like they do water now causing shortages elsewhere and use there political clout to mandate the transfer. Every state needs a law now that makes sure electricity generated in that state goes to that state first.


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