Press Sec. Falls Right Into Doocy’s Trap When He Asks About Skyrocketing Crime



Every time she blames Republicans for the outcome of her own party’s actions it reminds me of a child blaming the teacher for not liking them for them getting in trouble at school

How can this woman look at herself in the mirror every single day and not feel a sense of shame & guilt is beyond me..


  1. Jean-Pinocchio…blame the previous admin. even though SLO JOE has had two years to fix crime, inflation, open border, illegal alien prob., oil shortages, fertilizer shortages…………………………….

    SLO JOE has plenty of time to vacation, though.

  2. It’s the past administration’s fault. Trump’s fault. Republicans fault. We keep throwing all the money we can at this problem, yet it always has the same outcome. Insanity, now there’s the real picture. All the while expecting a different outcome.

    • Ok. Why is is trumps fault? You lost me at trumps fault. There was crime during the 8 years of Obama, lesss crime during the trump years, then a huge increase in crime with biden.

      Please tell me how your tiny little brain says it’s trumps fault. I hope you say the riots becuase I will eviscerated you for that while your democrats paid $99 to riot, paid transportation costs,paid bail cost, and paid legal fees for the rioters. Then the democrats worked hard in every democrat area to get no bail releases and set higher limits on property crime before it became a police issue. Then the democrats started in making the use of heroinecociabr, and meth legal.

      So that me know how this was trumps fault.

  3. Another stupid press secretary just like the circle back one. Can’t name one smart person in this administration (Joe’s dogs).

  4. Always the same old shet,Tell the old people Republicans want to take out SS and medicare,That is BS.All their money gos for food and pills.Biden pisses money away like it grows on trees,screws the old people and veterans and blames the Republicans.

  5. Remember she told you on the first day what most important is she is a proud black female gay woman. That’s what’s most important.

    All the facts, honesty, and transparency means nothing becuase she is a proud black female gay woman.


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