PoliticsGirl Goes VIRAL W/ UNHINGED Biden-Fluffing Video



This woman is unhinged and illustrates the democratic party perfectly.

I love the fact anytime someone says Trump is “twice impeached” they conviently leave out “twice acquitted”


  1. Still trying to figure out why they say impeached twice. They failed both times cause of lies they can’t make stick. So there was no Impeachment. They can say they tryed twice, but still there was no Impeachment to talk about. And why isn’t anyone talking about the corruption of the democrats for trying to impeach a standing president based on lies. Wasted millons to try to fix the elections. There’s the real danger of a corrupt government party. And no one talks about that corruption. Will the corrupt democrat party be charged of wrongful doings for their lies and wasting millons of tax dollars to fix a election so they can control the country. Can anyone answer that question, or better yet. Will anyone answer that ??? All I see is the corruption sweeps it under the rug.

  2. Biden and son are twice as bad as Trump ever was, but yall try to say Biden is doing a great job. Are yall retarded or what. This fool can’t run a kool-aid stand on the corner yet alone the country. Did you look at the price of everything lately ??? Bidens fault. Open borders with drugs flowing through freely. Crime more then doubled thanks to Biden. No matter what you try to say about Trump, Biden is twice as bad. The democrats don’t care about the people. Blue states killing cops and anyone they want in the streets, right infront of yall and no one in the news talks about it. All is so corrupt now and all thanks to Biden and the democrats running the country in Joe’s name. Yallnthat voted for biden … are part of the problem. Hope yall getting what ya asked for. By the way … you owe me gas money …


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