Pelosi Questioned Over Taking Son On Taiwan Trip


Outnumbered’ co-hosts discuss Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to take son on Taiwan trip and criticize ‘liberal privilege’ in the case of Bidens, Pelosis.


The law is not equally applied and that is what infuriates many citizens.

I didn’t realize that Nancy meant quite literally when she said, “it’s all for our children!”


  1. Pelosi is Poison,,,,, said in the bible, the devil will come in sheep clothing,, you will not know who it is,, now its to late,
    She has made millions in the back room of the White House, deals that she pasted to her husband and some of her own,
    The rich has taken the world over, not just the United States, but all over the world, you have to be wealthy to hold office in any part of the world, the rich will take from the poor, News media lie, corruption,, Pelosi , Cheney is the top ring leaders behind the trump raid, Garland is to stupid to be AG….. fire his butt fast, voters will take care of Cheney and Pelosi soon,

    Remember,, God Loves You,

  2. The Piglosi Family is No better than the Biden Criminal Crime Family with Joe China is head Dictator. Pig!osi , steals from the American Taxpayers and the Government and Joe China Steals from the American Taxpayers , the Government and the World. And both the Piglosi Crime Family and the Joe China Crime Family should be put away in Prison for the Rest of their Day on Earth.

  3. Well this American is tired of being a lemming our fore fathers could see into the future so they wrote a Constitution that covered every action or reaction needed to keep us operating we have an administration that commits treason daily by not securing our Border the lemmings can see this but do nothing

  4. Pelosi and all the rest consider themselves ROYALTY! A bunch of very stupid people, not only in the Bay area vote for those anti American socialists COMMUNISTS would be a better name and have done a good job of totally destroying the U.S. This was once a free country. Sure, we had rules, regulations and laws to abide. Now, the criminal element has it’s rights and we law abiding citizens simply do not. In fact I recently watched the Attorney General give a speech telling we law abiding citizens who’ve served our country honorably in time of war we can’t find fault with the FBI. Nothing is perfect and the FBI with it’s anti American actions has made that quite clear.


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