It’s Hilarious How They Make Him Wear Aviators To Hide His Eyes



It’s hilarious how they make him wear aviators to hide his eyes reading lines but it’s still obvious he’s doing that.

Some families struggle to put 3 meals together. Joe struggles to put 3 words together.


    • It is beyond embarrassment We must be the laughing stock of the world and that is to say we have the dumbest and most stupid democratic leaders in Washington

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It can only get worse for dementia Joe. He took it upon himself when he said on the first debate vs. Trump, “I’m the Democratic party.” It’s backfiring on his EVIL party, and all those responsible for putting him there, especially Barry O. I blame Biden and Biden alone.

  2. But “The Kenyan” with the help of Susan and Valerie is running the show. His 3rd Term in cognito, just like he opined about. This dementia patient is just an extra.

  3. The what use to be Democrats are all about looks and that is it.Every thing they do is all show.All there deeds are to turn the world into a living Hell.I do not think we have a Military any more.All the wars we fought were for NOTHING.We I myself was a sucker for all this BS.Wars are started to kill off all the patriots maybe 1-2-3%?Cant take over a country with out first taken out there Military,FBI,CIA,Government,companies,Food supplies,guns,ammo and voting system.And of course belief in God and child trafficking.

  4. HIS on Drugs because he doesn’t know what’s going on in this COUNTRY. He and Puppet Master and Handlers thinks its Funny to See a DEMENTIA SYNDROME ridden Old FOOL SUFFER. The PARASITES in this FAKE Administration , DemoRats in the House and the Senate need to be Charged with Elderly Abuse and Jill O’ Biden
    be charged with Spouseal Abuse for this to keep going on.

  5. I have said it before all through history all leader have had doubles!. Some even had more.

    Look at the picture of Biden top photo he has more hair and NO age spots.His hair is combed to the left and in some pictures his hair is combed to the right.
    Then look at the the above youtube video and you can see the difference.


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