Is This Proof That College is a Waste of Time and Money?

Proof That College is a Waste of Time and Money
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Charlie Kirk
– Proof That College is a Waste Of Time and Money

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Make trade schools and apprenticeship programs great again. Supporters for reparations from public schools and universities that have failed to teach students trade life skills!!!

Charlie, I’m older, mid-60’s now. I now see the long term results of the white collar college thing. We are full of white collar jobs with no one out there that can build the building, plumb the building and so on that these white collars need to work in, besides live in. I think the coming season will turn this radically around. We are in such a deficit of blue collar workers across the board. We need them, it is foundational. Our Nation was proudly built by blue collar workers. We need the seasoned ones to come out of retirement and teach our youth. Love your show! ❤️❤️Show less

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