GOODBYE! Robert Francis CAUGHT On CAMERA Blowing His Only Chance at Becoming Governor



Beto is a life long grifter. I can’t believe anyone is going to vote for him.

I watched the debate the other night and with every question Robert Francis began by saying something about Abbott rather than answering the question. Though I would never vote for him, any candidate that has nothing to offer but slurs about the other candidate really has no platform and doesn’t deserve to run or be elected. Beto had nothing to say but flip-flop on what he stands for and try to blast Abbott. Strike 3, you’re out Beto.


  1. Tell Ana Fernandez, whose daughter was slain at the Uvalde School, as she says she’s going to vote for Robert. Oh, and instead of attacking the governor who is a good governor, why wasn’t she going after the Uvalde PD if she has a complaint.

  2. Soros and out of state organizations like “It Could Have Been Worse LLC” are pouring milions and millions into advertising that spreads lies and supports Beto. Too many Texans don’t see that they are trying to buy Texas and are using puppet Beto to do it. I wish someone would expose the millions of out of state dollars pouring in to get rid of Abbott. Clearly he threatens the agenda of Soros and his crew!

  3. Texas better wake up regarding the fake Latino BETO!!!!! He has nothing.
    Always running for something. Trying to be relevant when he is not!!!!
    Large money being poured it to Texas to buy in. Beto’s counting on the
    cash to get himself a governor-ship!!! Can not let that happen. We do
    not need any more problems from the left. He would be a total disaster!!
    Keep that in mind…..please!!!!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. “Beto” is about as much Mexican as Greg Abbot is——-ZERO! “Beto” has run for every office except dog catcher and doesn’t win. Then when speaking about gun control at one of his “rallies”, some man laughed at him and and he called the guy “mother f——r” loud and clear in public with a room full of men and women. I don’t think Texas wants slime like “Beto” for governor or any other office. No mas, “Beto”! Adios!

  5. The best to win is to jyst say all money gathered will be used to help people instead of wasting millons campaigning. That’s what I’d do. Let the democrats waste millons trying to convince everyone their better cause they got more money to spend on themselfs then the states and people living there. Your going to owe big time for any money given for campaigning. Favors for votes never ends well. But they take the money and run.


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