FBI Breaks Silence After Zuck Revealed Damning Information on the Joe Rogan Podcast



Will there ever been a time that these people have to answer for their evil deeds? It’s so hard to believe these things are still happening in our beautiful country. So sad.

I’d love to hear someone ask Zuckerberg, “Why he spent over $400 Million dollars to add drop boxes during the 2020 Election”? What was he trying to accomplish?


  1. First the FBI get caught colluding with hilary on the fake Russian collusion dossier. then they get caught hiding the hunter laptop and lying about the contents, then they get caught in their scam raid on trumps home. now this.

    it is time to eliminate the FBi and the DOJ. Fire every single person / no pensions / no rehires/ all relisted so they can;t own weapons ever again.

  2. And unfortunate it will require a complete defund as in lights out and Fed law enforcement handcuffs perp walks no bail risk of flight and absolutely make it a very public spectacle a lot of these tech and media company heads need to be put in the same position and charged with sedition against this Republic real consequences not hand slaps loss of money and freedom.DUDA

  3. Who the hell is the criminal here? It’s pretty dam obvious. Clean up coming in the government, we can’t allow this kind of corruption,of stealing the dam election,and all that were involved,with it. Trump is our president, we need to remove all the phonies pretending,their the leaders.

  4. We hear and see all the evil and corrupt actions of the democrats but why are we not seeing any punishment or demotions or firings of these evil doers ? I always thought that criminals and wrong doers would be punished for such actions and maybe by no punishment it is an indication that crime does pay and the politicians are all part of the scams and wrong actions that are happening all day every day so are we as honest citizens supposed to just sit back and let it continue while we suffer the consequences of high taxes , high crime acts and high inflation . Maybe someone of authority ( if there is still such a person ) can answer these accusations


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