Black Woman Tells White People To Give Up Their Seats At New Black Panther Movie



She is one of the most prime examples of keeping racism alive. Racism has to end on all sides

I’m telling you, she just doesn’t want to buy the ticket so she wants to guilt people into giving her a ticket


  1. Racism is still alive and growing from those who said it was against them. Now the shoe is on the other foot. I am glad my friends are stii my friends above anything else.

  2. Blacks, as most people with half a brain know, can be just as racist as any Klan member. I’d bet she would say only whites are racist.

  3. Sure lady right after black people stop using fossil fuels, electricity. Cars, plastic, rubber, trains, airplanes, telephones, radios, cameras, central heating, installation, glass or plastic windows, jeans, filtered or treated water, indoor plumbing, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, pneumatic tires, pasteurized anything, or any other thing white people invented and refined. That would include asphalt ot concrete roads and roads painted with lines.

    Why are black extremists so arrogantly stupid about how much white people have done to make them comfortable, Safe. Enterianed, and healthy.

    You black extremists are stupid.

  4. It’s safe to say this young lady is why this country will never eliminate racism. She dresses in the same styles whites do but that is good enough. I am thoroughly pissed at this. If you want to be respected you have to earn it. Quit acting like your Barby Bad Ass and work on problems that have benefits for all people of all colors. I hope you feel better by making an ass of yourself. This country has enough problems without bigots like you stirring up uncalled for racist bullshit!!!!!

  5. For decades we have bee FORCED to keep quiet, allow the idea that racism is a one-sided issue that whites have imposed on blacks. To that I say blllsht…….it has been alive and well for all of my lifetime and now that it is fueled by 12 year old WOKE children , egging this on, we are seeing the result. Roberys, , murders, theft, attacks by blacks on Asians all UP, UP , UP… They have been emboldened by the Left wing. Used to win the election for sleepy Joe and now he is paying them back in spades….Ignoring the havoc they have brought to a once much more civilized society. To be honest, until I moved to a city, I never gave them a thought one way or the other… NOW???????????? I run , cross the street, walk down a different aisle in the grocery. I want nothing to do with a culture who chooses to remain dependent on those they hate…. They can all f/o……

  6. The most racist race in America is African American. At least 4 generations of black people were born and raised to hate white people.

  7. Entitlement knows no one is wrong or incorrect just all about self and an attempt to control their own beliefs about themselves.


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