Baltimore Father BEATEN TO DEATH By THUGS And Their Kids For Refusing To Let Them JUMP His Son!



That’s why every family home should be armed with guns, to defend against uneven odds and the ruthlessness of those who do not value other Americans.

The Dad was a Hero. Very sad. Outrageous feral animalistic behavior.


  1. The days of domestic disputes between people being resolved ‘peacefully’ are far in the distant past and are NOT workable in today’s society. There are far too many, as noted here, “thugs” running FREE to do as they please knowing there will be little to no consequences to them.

    Until the 1980’s I never considered the need to be ARMED. NOW, I’m armed 24/7, even as I write this! These milky-toast Mayors, (non)prosecutors, and Governors are bringing Vigilantism and Anarchy to the streets. Example: That whack ‘professor’ that assaulted a reporter with a machete at his neck, and then chased his photographer around in the streets, should have been SHOT DEAD as she came through her door with the blade! Now arrested but charged with minor offenses that will, no doubt, get her little to NO jail time, she will be reemployed to exercise her hate on somebody else’s children!

    Come to my state and run after someone with a machete in your hand and you will be piled up dead in the street!

    • LEGALIZE THE SAWED OFF SHOT GUN!!! Doesn’t have much range but at close quarters it’s VERY deadly and a shot gun speaks louder to a mob of wimpy punks than a hand gun or rifle. One blast from a 10 gauge could level 2 or 3 punks at a time.

  2. This hero dad protecting his son is beaten to death, everyone that was involved should be charged with murder. This is what has become of our society since Biden and his useless DA’s have been voted in paid for by George Soros, the no bail laws etc that have been brought in are making it unsafe for citizens, and easy for the criminals. No wonder everyone needs to arm themselves, it’s such a shame that this wonderful country has come to this – sad times.

  3. Thee woke left has put everyone in danger. I feel it is time to return to law and order ,or justice for all.

  4. This is what you get for voting Joe Biden and Democrat so now deal with it , it is only going to get worse just you wait and see. have a gun on you 24/7 lock your doors look over your back all the time


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