“YOU’RE A TRAITOR TO YOUR COUNTRY” Jim Jordan Gets Up and HUMILIATES Adam Schiff to his face



Thanks to Jim Jordan for exposing the lies of Adam Schiff.

These politicians that work against the will of the people need to be held accountable.charge them with obstruction and treason,then throw them out of office.new rules for the


  1. Jordan, a two time NCAA National college Wrestling champion. I don’t think anyone can stand toe to toe with this guy! FBI needs to be defunded and dissolved. Jordan is the only person I see that goes after the liars known to be Democrats !

    • Oh yeah, he’s a real delight. Just listening to him makes one wonder what planet he’s on. He needs to quit skirting the issue of accountability for the Jan. 6 insurrection = that’s what this is supposed to be about. The truth for everybody.

  2. The Lefties need to go. They have caved to the special interest fringe and now we are prosecuted not for REAL crime, but for using the wrong pronouns.. OMG. BLM, regardless of how bad they behave. No bail, no prosecution, no punishment, close prisons and get ON YOU KNEES and say “sorry” to them? WHY???? In order to fulfill Sleepy Joes promise to them for putting his senile , greedy, perv ass in office. The Lefties HATE America, and demonstrate it every day by spitting in the face of the tax paying , middle class.

  3. Adam Schiff went before a mic time after time stating to the American people that he had seen with his own eyes Mueller uncovered evidence of Trump criminality – and he was not even censured by his peers for those blatant lies!! I have never understood that!! Is there no honor or integrity in the Hall of Congress at all????

  4. Jordan is a fraud who had no problem covering up his complicity in the wrestling scandal while he was at OSU and those who think the FBI should be defunded or dissolved are the same clowns screaming when someone mentions defunding police. Frauds also, who need a new prescription themselves!

    • Jumbo ! U commie S.O.B . Just Ur Commie Brothers and Sisters in the Democratic Socialist/Communist Party.
      Someone needs cut out Ur Tongue. Ur are as FULL of * hit as a Christmas Goose !

  5. What a guy! He makes me so proud to be an Ohioan. Fearless, smart, eloquent, and standing for what is right. Keep going, sir, you are our hero.

  6. Just like always the Dim bulb in the room wants to deflect and defer to something that is a lie. That is the only way they can try to prove their point. Always talk over a Rep. and never allow them to make their point in the public arena. The Dim leadership is worthless. The Rep leadership is not much better. We need true PATRIOTS like Jim Jordan. The Dims will have nothing to do with that they hate him as much as they hate TRUMP.

  7. Adam Schiff should be tried for being such a liar, as claimed that he had positive proof against President Trump, but when he was asked to provide his proof, he had nothing, he was just trying to discredit President Trump.
    He has done everything in his power to keep President Trump out of office, which tells me he has something to hide, that he is afraid President Trump will expose. He has become a really rich man during his time in office, and now Jim Jordan is after his lying butt. He is an embarrassment.

  8. Biden, Harris, Pelosi. Schumer, Schiff, AOC. FBI, and the DOJ are all Traitors with Communistic Traits. Section 18 of the Constitution states that Traitors are to removed from office tried and hanged or imprisoned. All are in Violation Of their Oath of office they swore to uphold. To abide and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. To preserve and protect the people. There will not be taxation without representation. Well we have no Representation with any of the SENATE or the House of Representatives. Done of them will Listen to anything you ask them. They will not even respond to you comments. Biden’s ties to Russia and China are destroying this great nation.

  9. David Kings Sr. U just hit the Evil Nail on the Hesd. And WE can only hope that November 2022 is the Year that brings this COUNTRY back to where should be. Under REPUBLICANS Control CONGRESS and is returned back to a Normal State.

  10. That Garbage man had the audacity To write me ,I’m a registered Republican for the past 50 years ,and it said he went to explain. I wish you toss him out .Jorden was right he is our country, and should not be at any position in our Congress.

  11. It’s way past time for the Republican leadership to stand up like men and fight those Fascists that now control our country. Hopefully it’s not too little too late. And I want to thank the imbecilic idiots who voted for our wannabe wartime dictator but won’t admit that they screwed up bigtime. Thanks for nothing you idiots. I predict that Biden will have us in a full scale war within a year. Having had a very up close and personal look at war I sincerely hope I’m wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see. But somehow I think this one will make WW2 look like a tea party.

  12. At the very LEAST he should have been Censured by his Peers for lying innumerable times to the American People about having seen with his own eyes criminally implicating evidence from Mueller’s so-called investigation of Russian Interference. #1 if Mueller actually had been “Investigating” Russian Interference, they would have at least interviewed the folks who it turned out did cooperate with Russians in Hillary’s group and #2 after spending millions and unlimited FBI “help” they found . . . nothing, nada, nil! Instead of censure for lying to us all, he was given the “job” of now impeaching Trump with a planted CIA person who was however always anonymous and what he had was NOTHING anyway. Didn’t stop them though!!


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