WH Press Sec Thinks Martha’s Vineyard Is Not Enough For New Illegal Immigrants


Then what is?


Meanwhile, there are millions of homeless Americans living on the side of the road. THEY DESERVE BETTER

They weren’t “misled”. They were literally asked “Hey, who wants to sign this waiver and go to Martha’s Vineyard?!” 50 people signed up for the free plane ride to an island destination


  1. How can this it look at itself and sleep. It is difficult to believe this is can actually believe the lies and garbage it spouts at these press meetings. It must be embarrassed when it hears all the reporters laughing when it leaves the room.

  2. She’s talking to her base Democrat support that’s believes everything the white house says. Mean while the wise American people are laughing at such comments and just know better.

  3. The “Trifecta” speaks… The black, the female , the lesbo, and the woke applaud. The fringe and the freaks who dominate the news , print and online and airwave all congratulate themselves on transitioning as well, from a bearer of information to simple , disgusting , perverted ENTERTAINMENT.

  4. KJP your a pathetic,lying,embarrassment. U feed us bs every dam day, most of the time u don’t know what your talking about,just like arrogant, senile,joe lying to us every day.That’s all u demonrats know how to do.If your blaming us,we know u already did it.

    • Yes indeed, everything she said DeSantis and Abbott is doing is a political stunt. That is exactly what Biden is doing by letting them cross the border in the first place. Talk about blind. Saying it is a disgrace by having those kids doing this. Isn’t that what’s going on at the border?

  5. all illegals need to be sent back to their countries and if they want asylum they can do it the legal way starting from their own country and apply

  6. when she first started she stumbled over words acted like joe
    but my how she has grown into a big fat liar she fell right into place
    well groomed stupid little girl

  7. She looks like something out of the old traveling carnivals and their “freak” side show that would bring people from miles around to see. But then she seems to fit right in with this administration and the odd balls in power.


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