Watch this MSNBC Hack Desperately Try Spin FACTS Just To Blame Trump



Calling MSNBC newsworthy is like Calling Jeffrey Dahmer a vegetarian

Here’s a real fun Fact for them all. Whenever they blame Trump for Biden’s Screw Ups, it makes Trump out to be the one who comes out, smelling like a Rose.


  1. More proof that there are far too many ‘brain-dead’ people in America spewing garbage that only they can believe! America currently has the pedal to the metal heading for that Ash Heap of History where all FORMER world powers reside, and these wonks are stacked up on the gas pedal!

  2. There is no integrity in news reporting anymore. Until we can start sending reporters to prison for saying the untruthful reports, we will always have liars as reporters.

    I don’t let the media try to sway my beliefs because I see gas, food and taxes going up.
    I see illegals being taken car of with my hard earn tax money when they are not contributing anything.
    I see that my brothers gave their lives fighting the enemy, to this puppetry Joke of a President giving millions of our tax paid weapons to the Taliban

    I see the left trying to put stricter gun control on weapons that I enjoy protecting my home with.

    I see the DOJ being biased to the Democrat party but never doing anything to arrest or investigate the corrupted Democrat party.

    No, I don’t need anyone in the media try to sway what I see with my own two eyes.

    Go Donald Trump!!!

  3. U can’t fix stupid with a dumbocrap. That’s why we need to vote them all out. The FBI just admitted they stole the last election, so we need to make sure we take control of all government, to clean out the deep state and swamp rats that destroyed our country,and have turned on the conservative Americans in this country.


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