‘Suddenly unwoke’: AOC mocked for not wanting migrants in her district


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been mocked online for being “suddenly unwoke” after the congresswoman said there was a “better solution” to New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s idea of housing illegal immigrants in her district.


Dems: “We care about all illegal immigrants!” Also Dems: “Ew, I don’t want that crop picker in my home.”

They can bunk with AOC and Kamala. Matter of fact I think everybody who voted for Biden should be under obligation to house one of these people.


  1. AoC wants ILLEGAL CRIMINALS ADMITTED, BUT NOT IN HER DISTRICT,…. what a despicable bitch, nearly as bad as nasty P. who wants them to pick her grapes but not live on her property,…. what a couple of False Flag bitches !

  2. I had a co worker tell me that a woman who killed her kid would get away with it because she was “hot”.. I think that those who think with the brain below the belt voted for this BIMBO,,, forget her teeth look like those of the logo of the Dems, the Donkey. As long as she has some appeal, those with no brain back her up. She is dirt, from dirt and will always be dirt with a jack ass mouth. Doesn’t she drive a Tesla? Where did she get that kind of money? Just think what it could do for the illegals, but she, like all, is in it for her own a…..s.

  3. Mayor Adams is SPINELESS!!! AOC is a damn HYPOCRITE!! First, she tells Amazon to take some 25,000 jobs someplace else and screws the people in her district now she says NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!! Looks like Soros got what he paid for a lying puppet and lousy actress. If she is reelected, the people deserve what they get. TRASH.

  4. just like all democrats AOC shows her
    not in my back yard, but your back yard is a good place for them” attitude.

    Every single democrat is willing to take as much of your money as possible, restrict your choices, and restrict your movement while allowing criminal to do whatever they want to you.

    Just as long as the democrats gets to stay above it all.

  5. What is happening in America lays at the feet of all Democrats. The Democrats are wanting the immigrates to delete the citizens vote and push our social program and the deficit to the breaking point. Thus pushing the economy higher and higher to make America ready to be absorbed into the third world country which will be ran by the UN.

    Everything happening now has been planned out by both sides of the isle.
    You do not have to believe me, but do not say you were never war.
    Immigration is just one step in the process. inflation is another step and lack of justice and crime is another.



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