Jim Jordan EXPLODES Over Hunter Biden During Hearing! ‘This Is As Real As It Gets!’



Jim Jordan must be the Speaker of the House, without doubt, McCarthy can’t hold a candle to him.

Wow, Jim Jordan the man is amazing


  1. Wow!!!! Awesome!!!! I’m reminded of another great man for the betterment of the people and OUR country who said “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. This is my comment to every government servant. Yes I said “servant” that is what they are supposed to do right? Serve the people who elected them.

  2. I totally agree!! Jim Jordan should definitely be Soeaker of the House!
    Democrats are complete liars. The whole Biden family is corrupt. Joe Biden is selling out AMERICA!!

    • And all the time, including his peers I guess, Biden came across as Good Old Joe – not super bright – but a good guy and honest! You know rides the train home every week-end to be with his motherless little boys. We lost track of the fact that he married a very good friend’s wife who was with his boys, they grew up some years ago, and all the time Joe was the CEO of a plan that sold his office, reputation and influence for millions of $$$ using his brother and his off again, on again drug addicted son to enrich the Biden family

  3. The whole biden, pelosi, Schumer, schiff, soros, and schiff crime syndicate needs to be put on trial and then hung.

    Following that the top 200 people at the fbi, cdc, Cai, fda, nih, atf, and irs need to be give 5 minute trials for treason then hung.

    Following that we need a 60% cut in all government employees fire them with zero pension.

    Following that they need to cancel all fees, fines, rules, Regulations, laws the individual agencies has created.

    Then they need to put the clinton family, Obama family, bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Dorset, everyone at cnn, msnbc, and the ap in prison for treason and insurection. Confiscate all their assets and hand them out to Americans as compensation for years of abuse by the democrats.

    Final assign a special processor to every single democrat state to review election fraud and corruption.

  4. Don’t waist time building special hanging places for hanging

    just hang them where we find them just use trees strong enough to drop them once

  5. Anyone who Votes for a Democrat this fall ( November 8 ) should be Indicted under the Rico statutes and arrested on the spot, for conspiracy to commit Organized Criminal activities,…. The DemonRATs are Criminal co-conspirators in the current Criminal enterprises of comrade Cho Bai Din, comrade Hunter the Crackhead-ho’monger Bai Din, Comrade christopher wray, Comrade merrick Garland ( who should be disbarred for malfeasance in official office ) comrade nasty P. and comrade charles ( chuck the schmuck) schumer

  6. I’m in my mid 60s and in my lifetime the DAMNUcrats have been corrupted since JFK. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh he opened my eyes to this reality. They have gone from MAFIA to the party of SATAN. They will never change, they CAN’T change, they are destined to be like this. Unless they are FOREVER destroyed and gone, this country will never be free.


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