Florida CFO Threatens IRS With Criminal Charges: We’ll Protect Our Citizens


State of Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis discusses the steps the Sunshine State is taking to protect small businesses from the new ‘supersized’ IRS on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’


This guy’s got some serious brass balls, mucho respecto to him.

We need 87,000 trained armed guards to protect our schools, not harassing the American people.


  1. I hope Texas and other States follow with what Florida is doing to protect it’s citizens from the IRS. This is Biden’s army to tax and punish America’s small businesses and also the self employed. This reminds me of the deceiver Obama when he weaponized the IRS with Obama care. FYB.

    • I agree. It’s time Governors do more to protect themselves from this tyrannical administration. Would be great to see the IRS disbanded when Republicans take control in November. We can only hope it’s not going to be another stealing of an election.

    • IRS, FBI DOJ, DEMOCRATS, YELLOW BACK REPUBLICANS HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT AND CAN KISS MY A DOUBLE S! No respect and they have no idea how strong 74,000,000 PLUS AMERICA PATRIOTS ARE!!! Red, Yellow, Black, White united behind Trump the greatest President in American History, The greatest militia ever! United ready to right the ship “NOW” Loaded, cocked, dry powder, taking a stand for America!!! Ultra MAGAN! we will not be tread on but “WILL STAND”!!

  2. Florida has some good guys on that team. Love it when he says that the Democrats know coming in Nov, they know they are going to get their clocks clean! That is why they were pushing for this nonsense.

  3. I thought that brass balls had to do with being cold… Like “colder than a brass monkey’s balls” not being bold. I find it almost funny that young folks today have no idea how to use the old euphemisms and slaughter them, thinking that they are saying something profound. Sort of like we used to say I’d never “set ” foot in that place. Now they have distorted it to “step foot”. I’d like to thank the teachers of today who teach NOTHING but the distorted use of pronouns, and the practices of homosexuality to third graders.

  4. Why is it that the I.R.S was never charged for taking spending that $50 thousand on a private party which come to find out they have done it several times before. It was not three day and it was swiped under the rug, yet they hammer someone that makes a mistake on they income tax???

  5. WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICAN PRIDE ………..I read some of the main articles on this site, but I wish they would get rid of the secondary rag articles that embarrass American Pride as a media source and get rid of advertising scammers. We definitly don’t need anymore Defective China Junk ….stick with advertising products especially fully manufactured in the USA and Allies.


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