They aren’t even hiding there criminality anymore. The Vice President’s regime is beyond despicable.

The more tyrannical they get, the more the American spirit of patriotism and freedom rises!


  1. The Republicans need to Order the DOJ to do a MASS RAID on the The People’s White House , CIA , FBI and the Democratic Socialist Communist Party. Starting with PIGLOSI , SCHUMER , SCHIFF , NADLER and WATER’S and advise the ETHICS Committee of their Findings. But the Republicans don’t have the *ALL’S or the BACK BONE to do Anything. Republicans GROW Some ! Lol !

    • Rosieduster, though I thoroughly agree with you, any who do what you suggest would no doubt be accused of attempting to overthrow our government by force. That would be un Constitutional and any doing it would be convicted in a kangaroo court of treason. Those people don’t give a tinker’s damn about the Constitution until it fits THEIR way of doing things. I’m beginning to wonder what kind of government we have, Communist? Nazi?

  2. As much as I hate to say it I feel the time has come to start going after the Fascist government we now have. In other words if we can find some REAL leadership a civil war. Dictator Biden orders his private army, the FBI to attack (not raid as reported) any who don’t agree with his anti American views. I’m an old man of 97. Disabled. Like so many others I served my country when I wasn’t old enough to vote, buy a cigarette, a beer or even get a driver’s license without my parent’s permission and spent nearly 2 years in the Pacific during the second war. However, I as so many others my age I’m willing to try it again. We old men would probably be more of a liability instead of an asset but if the younger generations don’t have the guts to do it who else do we have?

  3. Just a guess, we have God and we’ll meet one way or the other anyhow. We could gather at the VA! Those like minded soles who can see Fascism.
    The VA should do SOMETHING for the country…they do damned
    little so far, so they could be a start to the revolt, then others would join the hero’s of the past like John Axhandle Jr. and turn this whole thing around!

  4. B. Grisham I have an opinion of the VA. It’s nothing but a yoke to hang around a veteran’s neck. When I came home in 1945 I made six trips to the office trying to join the ’52-20 club. 20 bucks a week for 52 weeks until we got on our feet. At my sixth trip the fat old broad interviewing me asked even with my Battlewagon discharge in her hand, “Are you really a vet?” I’d had enough and said, “Hell no lady I don’t know a damn thing about horses.” Left and never tried for any help from the VA again. And as Ronald Reagan said, “The most terrifying words in the English Language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  5. The latest …..the VA will be now be busy doing abortions for illegals???
    Can you believe it??? We are in a mess….sometimes one feels like
    we’re on the Titanic with no life boats…….


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