Black Teens DESTROY Local Store In Their Own Community



Not only is it criminal, it’s an embarrassment, sad, disgusting, and lately not surprising!!!

As a native Philadelphian, this is what terrifies me the most: there are people who see these kids as victims and openly excuse this behavior. It is truly bizarre and troublesome. They’ll say things like “They are bored” or “Well it ain’t ours so…”. There is something obviously wrong with our culture in these big cities.


  1. When will “THEY” ever learn?? I do not believe “THEY” are capable of thinking right! I remember in the 1960′ when they burnt Watts down in California and then the idiots realized they burnt their jobs and homes down, then hollowed for help!! They just do not have it! Complete idiots! and i hope America has learned their lesson on putting ANY IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING ESPECIALLY OUR COUNTRY!!!

    • With so many results in now, I think it’s fair to say this is definitely an experiment gone bad. When will we learn from these mistakes? Meanwhile back at the ranch, looks like old racist whitey is still disappearing more & more from public view & being replaced with the real racists.

  2. It comes from being “unevolved”. Evolution and progress, intelligence and civilization have not yet been attained by this particular sub -species. Not all branches on a tree grow, develop or produce at the same rate and its unrealistic to think that they can. They have been sheltered from learning, earning and accountability for decades. Look at remote islands. Huts, spears, monkey brains for dinner. All the needs met, so why evolve? Day to day, hand to mouth, subsistence living provided by mother nature, here, however? Subsistence living provided by Uncle Sam and the WOKE Left. It will take another century before they even begin to catch up with the civilized world.

  3. Yes Sir you hit the Nail on the head with that video . People have no respect , They put the projects up thinking there doing a good thing but its like building a Bee Hive . You just keep putting more and more Thugs together . People have no respect for the Police , If you dont respect the ones that up hold the Law who are you going to respect . When you have our Politicians paying groups or supporting groups that damage stores and homes we need to open our eyes . Also the commercials on TV my god stop cramming the white and black couple down our throats its ok to have a all black or white or any race TV ad.

  4. I occasionally work in Philly. I work in the ghettos and I often hear black people getting into it with each other. Sometimes it is men, sometimes it is women and sometimes it a man and a woman. Sometimes they are some other race but usually black. They escalate to violence so quickly it’s unbelievable. I have notwitnessed a shoot out yet but I fear it’s coming. I just get back into the house I’m working on as quickly as possible and don’t stand in front of any exterior walls. Philly was the violence capital of the country though I hear New Orleans has knocked them out of first place.


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