He’s basically admitting to his own racism and believes that it’s the righteous position to have. The hypocrisy is crazy!

As a Nigerian I feel sorry for these people. You don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it


  1. If a Black wants to go to Africa, get them there. No reparations. when they want to come back, it’s on them to pay for and make arrangements .

  2. Send that blubbering, babbling leech back there! His type contributes nothing to society except to demand something for nothing.

  3. A noted black journalist, a few years ago, decided to tour all of Africa or he managed to do it over the years. In any case, when he came home to America, his conclusion was that he is sorry he had ancestors who had to suffer slavery, but he was very glad that he was an American as opposed to anything from anywhere he toured, visited in Africa.

  4. Please move to Africa and take as many people as possible back with you. As far as reparations, when you get to Africa ask that gov’t (laugh) to give you reparations. Learn some history, it was black African lords who sold their own people, just like you blacks keep killing each other. Go to any socialist country and let’s see how blacks are treated. You sir deserve everything you want (but nothing from USA).

  5. I am sorry he hates our country so much that he would want to go to a place that is ruled by communists and where slavery is still active today.
    He can thank Joe Biden and Obama for the feeling that we are all separated because of the color of our skin. Joe and Obama have done nothing but do everything in their power to keep our country divided. All the democrats want is to use you to stay in power and control the money flowing back into their pockets.

  6. LOL!!! This reminds me of the 1960s when during the civil rights/race riots movement many American blacks decided to move back to the motherland and get away from the mean racist USA. Within 2 years over 90% of them came back. Guess Africa is worse than the mean racist USA. Many American blacks fail to realize that even though native Africans are black, except in the far northern part of the continent, there is racism of black against black because of different tribes of blacks. Sometimes this tribal racism turns very deadly.

  7. Hey this may be just what “WE” need in this country depending on the cost and how many want to go!!!!! If enough want to go “Back Home” and include any color from HOLLYWOOD, PROFESSIONAL SPORTS i am sure with president BIDEN ,Democrats who love spending my tax dollar could send them a one way ticket! I believe we are finally on to something!!!! one Ultra MAGAN , 0ne of 74,000,000 American Patriots ready to right the ship


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