Biden Challenged Americans Who Think He’s Senile to ‘Watch’ Him. Then This Happened.


President Biden appeared more confused than ever at a global health fundraiser yesterday, just days after he claimed his public behavior proves he’s not too old for his job.


Don’t forget his “she was 12 I was 30” statement. That’s a topper too.

I’ve been asking What’s the name of the Physician who certified him as being mentally competent. That’s something the American people deserve to know.


  1. Kinda have to feel sorry for the old codger. He was forced, especially by his wife who wanted to be First Lady, into a position for which he is not capable of performing.

  2. I get it, however he was cognitive enough at the beginning to understand that he was losing it. I believe that he thought that was the only way himself and son and brother were going to “get off” with having enriched the family hugely by selling his office and influence to foreign entities – especially and for sure to China and Russia. The idea that Trump was involved nefariously with Russia was totally made up by Hillary’s campaign, handed to the FBI and they carried the water reeking havoc among his supporters that suffered while the FBI tried to force them in to incriminating him. Biden and son and, perhaps, his brother, however, were very involved with shaking down Big Boys in countries not at all friendly to us and may and/or probably are compromised by what those countries have on the Biden family. Silence from MSM – the most dangerous thing threatening our freedom is the capitulation of so called news/journalists organizations’ folks to the liberal Democratic doctrine!!

    • Spike, you made some very good points. I also feel Biden considers himself a great wartime leader. The guy seems to be trying to pick a fight with Putin. AS I see it the difference between Biden and Putin is Biden is all talk and Putin will act. Is Biden going to get us in WW3? YOUR DAMN RIGHT HE IS!

  3. I feel embarrassed for Joe Biden, while his family and those closest to him continue to let he make a fool of himself. He is not responsible for his actions, those who allow him to continue to stay in office are responsible.
    He is sending this country to hell and no one seems to object. Where are all those idiots that made up charges against President Trump and made him the brunt of their jokes. They all need to be fired, voted out of office, and charged for elder abuse. These idiots want Biden back in office to continue distroying this country. They are all traitors.


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