Anomalies in the Texas Shooting the White House Will NOT Investigate…

BlazeTV – It’s nearly impossible to piece together what happened in Uvalde.

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I don’t think I’m alone in thinking I wouldn’t have hesitated even if it meant my life would have been lost just to attempt to save at least one life of those innocent children. Gun free zones have sponsored nearly all mass shootings.

It’s been 3 days and the story keeps changing . Why do officials feel a need to lie about what happened ? Suddenly it’s not about the murderer of little children anymore. Now it’s about the people who are supposed to respond to these tragedies covering their butts because everyone sees how utterly incompetent they are .

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The Supreme Court has stated, The Police have no duty to prevent anyone committing a mass shooting or to protect any civilian. They’re duty is to investigate the crime and make arrests after the fact. When IT comes to most crimes the police arrive 20 to 40 minutes afterwards, yet the Government still wants to restrict/remove your RIGHT to Bear Arms. What use is a single shot gun against a Criminal with a 30 round magazine plus extra magazines? Perhaps they need to extend the waiting period and have the ATF Notified about potential purchases so they have extra time to do background checks, multiple purchases within one week or large purchases of ammunition should raise red flags, Social media such as Facebook should have algorithms that alert to killing/kill/Murder/attack and such where they have to then notify the authorities. These sites know where you live so should have no problem giving out your location,ip address to the FBI. Why is this not a thing already it could be fully automated with picture of person also given. Now I am a 2nd ammendment advocate and would have no problem with this as a National Safety Item.