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Why the hell doesn’t other journalists rip into with the same questions until she breaks? The Republican press secretary was hammered, this is absurd.

She is an absolutely TERRIBLE press secretary. The press in that room represent the people of the United States. That’s where the PEOPLE get their information. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, but if the response from the sole person representing the message from the White House when a legitimate question is asked is, “If the dramatics could come down a little”, that’s bad. It’s a terrible response – – – and she’s held this post for YEARS – and you can find similar “blow-off” responses. I’m NOT insinuating that the question would have revealed anything had the person representing the White House and the President answered the question; that’s not the point. The point is – the press asks a question which gets relayed to the public, that question should be answered. “If the dramatics could come down a little” is an insulting answer.

To put it into a much more mundane and milder sense – – suppose you take your car into a mechanic, and you have a tire that seems to be warped and causing a bumpy ride – – the mechanic does……whatever he does…..and then you get back into your car, and the bumpy ride is still there, so you turn around and go back to the mechanic and tell him that the bumpy ride is still there, and his response to you is : “if the dramatics could come down a little”, would you ever take your car to that mechanic again?


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