This Whole Situation Is Beyond Scandalous. It’s Straight Up Criminal.



The system needs reset, top down, every institution needs rechecked and balanced. There needs to be term limits, or set up like jury duty. To many people or families take over and overstay their welcome. No more lobbying or special interest, that’s been abused to much. Better education and infrastructure, more attention on our issues. Transparency in everything, we should see what our taxes do. Every bill should be released to the public in a forum or something everyone who wants to can read. A watch dog group the reports everything to the public. Dissolve useless agencies and groups. Like alphabet police and make epa do more than just fine people or dissolve them.

You could tell this during the debate with Trump. I said it over and over again. Brandon was clearly hyped up on something. Clear-spoken, way more energetic than normal.. Then over time he was falling apart more and more while the moderator protected him. It was painfully obvious then to anyone paying attention.


  1. Dems always say about others what they are/do themselves. We need another “Dem” party with brains and wisdom. Said state of affairs!

  2. Has the writer passed a literacy test? On that failure alone, their disjointed reasoning is disqualified! A veritable moron.

  3. We do not have enough Prison Space to lock up all the Democrats and Republicans that belong there!!! BUST THEM ALL ! ULTRA MEGA!! 1 0F 74,000,000 AMERICAN PATRIOTS ,RED, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE READY TO RIGHT THE SHIP!!!


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