The View’s Legal Team Forces Whoopi Goldberg to Correct Her Lie


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg being forced to correct her lies about the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit live on air; a resurfaced clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealing to Peter Doocy how Democrats have no problem falsely defaming people like Kyle Rittenhouse as white supremacists; the false accusation New York Times writer Mara Gay made about “The Rubin Report”; KPMG economist Diane Swonk making the hosts of CNN go silent when she explains why a recession is necessary to fight inflation; a hilarious clip of Kamala Harris starting a meeting with her preferred pronouns at a roundtable meeting; how Democrats are losing Latino voters and Biden’s approval rating is sinking with minority voters who are faring far worse than they did under Donald Trump; and how even CNN’s John King is noticing that Democrats like Raphael Warnock are distancing themselves from Joe Biden.


I’m a woman. I made it through about 15 minutes of 1 episode. I found every single woman appalling and couldn’t stomach them. Whoopi was the worst. I have literally watched her become a star from a nobody to some form of a demented angry woman. I hope she gets cancelled.

If Whoopi was forced to correct ALL her lies they’d need a month long marathon show with no commercial breaks.


  1. AND…….. BTW, How ’bout that Ted Danson? He jumped ole’ Whoopie in the 90’s and his affair cost him a cool thirty million in payment to his wife…. Omg…. GAG… Was it worth that much to bone this heifer? She is a beast, I’ll give her that… UUUGGGGLLLLYYYY…. Wonder if ole’ Teddy still has fond memories.


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