The Leftist Rage Mob Turns On One Of Its Own



It’s absolutely no business of any other country to interfere in Ugandas’ new bill regarding LGBTQ+ rights. Let’s not forget that Saudi Arabia also has strict anti gay laws. Why are there no human rights activists complaining to Saudi? or Russia? or the DOZENS of other countries that don’t want want their morals corrupted.

Brady’s ex didn’t tell “her truth”. She talked about how she felt about her marriage. She felt that loyalty and family wasn’t worth giving up her own desires. That’s the truth.


  1. Hey, way back-when, our fearless, balless leader, Senile Joe said he wanted the US and Europe to combine to push forward the “”New World Order ” of Democracy… Hey, Joey,,, It doesn’t work, they don’t want it. Remember when Bush offered several million dollars reward for the location of Osama Bin Laden??? HA… WTH is a goat herder going to do with American currency? Give him camels, goats… That is their language. They don’t want money, They’d wipe their ass with it or use it to start a fire. We think the world knows and wants to have /be what America has become.. They are THIRD WORLD… That’s why its called third world…They don’t want queers, tranies, any of it. THey have their OWN culture traditions , religions and belief systems and we are not welcome. When will we learn? Live and let live. We are too blind to see that this bullsht is destroying America. Most of us don’t give a damn about the freaks, we just want to be left alone. We never cared and we don’t care now. If they keep this up, they will self destruct. One can only hope that this massive diversion of the weak WOKE will stop the BS. We have more crucial issues to deal with.. The Border, the immigrants, BLM whiners, Inflation, The homeless leeches, the welfare baby-mommas, Pss poor education and just plain STUPID kids who will never make a life in the future, a decline in OUR OWN freedoms in lieu of the delusional trash dominating our culture today.


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