“That’s Not What I Said!” White House EXPLODES When Pressed On Illegal Immigration



Wish I could say how I feel about this woman. Good job Peter.

A shoutout to the true American patriots


    • I couldn’t agree more about the constant lying to the American people. And the complicity of those Dems who remain pathetically silent.

  1. How can anyone be so stupid. DC asked for the immigrants to their sanctuary city,now bowser is whining about it, and asking for help.keep them coming, until they get the hint.

  2. Press secretary talks about republicans using “migrants” as pawns, which is “illegal.” NOW she invokes legality when the migrants are also known as ILLEGAL ALIENS who are breaking Federal law? Hahaha I’m having a good laugh over all that double speak BS.

  3. There IS a legal process in place. When is this admin and WH going to follow it? The issue of where the illegals go in the US should not be an issue is they should NOT be in the US!

  4. Biden is breaking sonmanthe people and contitutuon y laws that are on the books already over boarder he was sworn in im guessing with his fingers crossed because to protect the people and constitution from all dangers foreign and domestic is his sworn oath and he is not at all doing either in fact opposite of it as democrats always have made many promises to get voted in then go in flip mode once in and try if they ever attempt to do anything at all once elected besides tax and spend witch historically is all these ville creatures have ever done and oh I’m sorry biden from a basement and not one person showing up for a rally media don’t count sorry and this imposter with a perfect record of 0 accomplishment got 8 million more votes than obamah lmao they actually cheated the same way for obismo the Muslim clown to be placed twice this is why after there mistake with hilary also set up to be placed through voter fraud they realy did not even care if we saw it go down and yes we did and also that 2018 sham cheated same way in front of entire country but when every one in charge is owned by china fbi cia job congress and majority of judges well you got every house covered in the monopoly game country is going down fast mow and God and militia is her only chance this is why fence for capital good fence for boarder bad

  5. Why don’t they send them to Delaware, in front of Joe’s house? Seriously? Show him the mess he’s doing. To all the blue states, and make sure they don’t vote. Joe’s house is big enough to accommodate a couple hundred. Fk what he thinks, get a taste of your own shit joe.

    • Yes, put them in Rehoboth Beach in front of his $2,000,000 Beach home where DHS (Liar) Mayourkass used our tax money to build “Benedict Bribe’m” a $456,000 security wall. Why does he need one and he refuses to finish ours and let the cartels make $Billions and import their slave/sex trade and 107,000 Americans are dying a year from Mexico/China Fentanyl and other drugs?


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