Parents Doxxed, Harassed And Receive Death Threats For Opposing LGBTQ Teaching In Schools!



It’s not hate speech, it’s terrorism.

We should actually be this aggressive towards the community going after our kids.


  1. People, please take your children out of the public school system. They all worship Lucifer and this is how your children will act if you don’t take them OUT!

  2. Start your own system. Put your heads together and find teachers/ other parents who are against the current WOKE bullsht… Ask for donations, ie Musk, wealthy RIGHT wing, NON-Woke sane folks and do something unheard of in the last five decades…. TEACH!!!!!! Get your kids out of there. Nothing says they have to go to public schools.. Home school, start a home school group. Organize baby sitting and job sharing to accommodate it. They are the future and look what they have turned out so far. Mutants, Anxiety ridden babies who are not being allowed to mature before they shove this WOKE BS down their throats… SAVE THE KIDS, GET THEM OUT OF THERE. The LEFT wing has put this in place. Fight now or fight later. Stop them.

  3. Markey is accurate in his alternative for schooling our American Children! The best way to organize is to find a Church or Synagogue that will allow Classroom instructions for our American Children. The Democrats will possibly try to destroy thos locations as well. If they shut that down, then you can just hold group classes in a garage or back yard. This is the only way we can save our children. They all need to be taught Civics, American History, English, Math & HIstory, including various science coourses. In addition, boycot all movies, the NFL, NBA & any other sport that is pushing the LGBTQ & Woke ideas.

  4. I say bring it dumb azz’s. But know now , it won’t end well for you. by making open threats, one sets themselves up to be attacked in return. Know your words will cause injury to the one threatening others. You are now warn, stop being so stupid and grow the hell up. Your queer ways are not for all. By pushing them on others will cause the pain.

  5. The American people need to come together and vote out as many Democrats out of office and replace them with Conservatives that will support all of the American people and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The voting ballots should only be in English and not in multiple languages! That would be a great cost savings. Voter ID to be obtained by showing a Birth Certificate or the Certificate that shows a completed application and graduation to become an American Citizen!


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