Looks Like They Couldn’t Find Anything Incriminating, So They Are Accusing Him Of Taking What They Want.


Correspondent Mark Meredith reports the latest on what the Justice Department is saying about Trump’s request for a ‘special master’ from the White House. #FoxNews


literally doesn’t mention that trump filed a completely new case in a different court lol

Law and order? Y’all have never been about law and order. It’s just about having things your way.


  1. As stupid as most Americans are by supporting the communist Democrat Party “WE ULTRA MAGAN” 174,000,000 PLUS,AMERICAN PATRIOTS are going to turn this nation upside down and take Yellow Back Republicans, RINO’S, and all Demonic Democrats to the TRAIN STATION and make sure they NEVER make another decision for America! This little pip squeak, want a be dictator and his horse face sidekick are going to be taken down, out of office and law order, closed borders, energy independence, strongest most respected country and military will be restored, and put GOD back at the helm of our government, home, schools!!! Go Trump, 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots Ultra MAGAN (Not Yellow Back Republicans) have had enough of these imbeciles, and ready “NOW” to right the ship!!

    • Thank you James!! You speak for so many true patriotic Americans who are so sick and tired of these left wing communist DEMONcrates trying to take down our country! Lord help us!!

  2. James you encourage me to know that there’s more of us than them. We need to stand together and take our country back from these traitors. I’m with you brother. America is in the fight for it’s life and we need to get rid of these lowlife scumbags once and for all, especially destroy the democRATS. Drain the Swamp.

  3. If we don’t stop this STUPID Mail In Ballot System, The Midterms will be another CORRUPT Runaway for the DEMS.

    Mail In Ballots are fine, but ONLY FOR ABSENTEE’s. And the Ballot should be CLEARLY MARKED as an “ABSENTEE BALLOT”. No other ballots should be considered or counted!

    We also need to FORCE the various Registrars in the country to insure that VOTER Rolls are up to date and Valid. That means remove all the DEAD People that are still on the Voting Rolls!

  4. Commending James Hunt for his consideration of at least putting these crooks on a train. Let them walk the quickest way to the border then boot them across the border and close it. Know why it is so hard to tell if a democrat is embarrassed? Can’t see their face turn red when it’s up their rear end all of the time.

  5. Bumbling Babbling Biden is such a disappointment. I have been so angry since this senile imbecile has been installed as President of the United States Of America. We will over come this but only after a long time of suffering. Our Social Security is shot and cannot sustain our retired citizens without either changing the Tax or increasing the age of retirement. Biden is not a President he is a disappointment. Take Care. Stay Safe.


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