I’ve Never Hated An Administration So Badly



I’ve Never Hated An Administration So Badly

When you don’t like taxes and don’t want to pay more taxes. Stop electing people that only want to tax you and your decendants more every year. Year after year after year.


  1. Absolutely, the MOST incompetent, irresponsible, uncaring, administration to EVER be i the White House!! Every one that Biden appointed, hired, whatever is a complete lying, ass kissing, incompetent moron!!

  2. Lol… only when the Democrats voting idiots wake up before it is too late. These politicians are too old to care what happens in the next 10 – 20 years.

  3. The Democrat Administration is destroying the only home Americans have. It’s time to vote them out. But be ware they will make sure the virus is back so they can cheat will mail in ballots. Cheating is the only thing their good at

  4. I’m 71 and all the shit I have lived thru is bad but not nearly as bad as Obidens Reighn of shit we are forced to tolerate now….

  5. the weak biden was put there onpurpose
    look at nancy NOT listening to no one
    she thinks she’s president and world leader and the pope
    people better wake up
    your going to be sorry
    Iran wants to bomb NYC
    Russia is waiting
    North Korea is waiting
    China well we’ll see but their not going to be controlled by anyone especially a greedy bitch
    Australia wants to be left alone
    South Africa also wants to be left alone
    nancy is going to start WWIII
    and it’s going to be HERE
    millions will die, starve, freeze and/or kill each other
    then the plague will come from all the rotting flesh
    read history about wars for it’s going to happen
    everyone needs to wake up

  6. China is making a show of all their military equipment and so could Ukraine with all the equipment we gave them.
    Not GUILTY? Mr. Peloski will say he got drunk to forget the danger his wife was in by being a good democrat going to Taiwan. He should get a medal for being so patriotic he will plead.
    We are the laughing stock of the world!

  7. This country is not in need of a rebuild or whatever Joe Biden calls it. We can work out our problems without Biden, Schumer, Pelosi,Waters , Schiff, Kerry or Gore. The only thing these people want to do is fill pockets and they ain’t yours or mine. It’s time to clean up this mess they’ve made. Make your voice heard and tell anyone who will listen and run these morons out of D.C. MAGA!!!!!! Love America and fight for your rights. To help with Joe Biden and the communist way of life. Get Back on Track! Support the Republican party and the constitution!!!!!!!!

  8. Oops! My computer thinks I shouldn’t say HELL but that’s what I said! It was written to HELL with Joe Biden and that’s exactly what I meant to say. I must have a democratic computer! Huh?


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