Bud Light gets DESPERATE!!! This is the most pathetic response yet.



As a USAF vet – it rubs me the wrong way when I believe someone is using sacrificial service (military, police, etc) as an advertising campaign!

I’m not “boycotting” Budweiser or Miller anymore. I’ve simply changed the brand of beer I drink now. They lost me as a customer, and I’m sure they don’t care…but neither do I. I’m not pro or anti trans, my opinion is “you do you”, I don’t hate anyone. I’m just tired of having work politics shoved down my throat.


  1. on a good day Trans make up maybe 0001% of the population most people in their life will never see or meet a trans so why is this being pushed so hard answer to that is Religion most people in this Country are Christians and the faith of Christians say trans gays and who knows what are an abomination but the liberals are saying it’s not politically correct to view gays and what not as bad they want you to view it as good and their succeeding

  2. Apologize? NO way.. The new ads with a large horse? HA… that is so much bs,,,, they sht their drawers, now they can sit in the stink. And Camo cans… I’m waiting to see the little pink vjay-jays on the can with Dylan’s face above them.. or maybe just a pink or rainbow can… How much deeper can they dive into the cesspool of WOKE? Keep diggin,,, Anheuser- Bush… I will be drinking Heineken … it has nothing to do with your companies. Same goes for MILLER bunny piss… They whine about beer production being stolen by men, but NOT ONE f’in word about sports and dressing rooms being stolen by Women with a penis… ARE they really that stupidly blind.. and without women there would be NO PENISIS. since they are the egg, birthing whatever the hell producers… I have vomit in my mouth.. better than their beer, I’d have to say. And who IS THIS broad ,licking Steven’s balllllllllzzzz???

  3. What are woman thinking by condoning men dressed as woman? I’m appalled at how many woman think men in woman sports and dressing rooms is, OK, it’s not, EVER! I don’t care whether you “think” you’re a girl or not, you aren’t EVER!! Stop the nonsense!


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