Weaponized Government: How the Raid on Mar-a-Lago Is an ATTACK on Us All


We all know what the raid on Trump was REALLY all about — the 2024 election. Whether you love Trump or hate him, this unprecedented act is a LOT bigger than just one man. And the same people behind Obamagate, who weaponized the DOJ and FBI by using obscure laws, seem to have their fingerprints all over the latest fishing expedition to take down Trump. Glenn heads to the chalkboard to map out what he thinks the FBI was REALLY looking for at Mar-a-Lago. The U.S. government is growing in size and strength under Biden, and now he is turning the full power of this out-of-control government on us all. Glenn exposes the federal agencies that have been quietly militarizing right under our noses: The IRS, DHS, FBI, VA, and USDA have all been buying up guns and ammo with little to no explanation as to why. Is it time to abolish many of these corrupt institutions?


Be prepared to get alot more black boards to explain how this all shakes out when each and everyone of them fall! I cant wait and it will be fun to watch you and your boards explaining all of what will happen! Thanks for what you do and God bless!!

My heart just breaks for America!! SHUT DOWN THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION AND SOROS!!!!


    • The only reason the American people can’t win the war you speak of is because the republican conservative party consist of nothing but cowards period, How can you win when your to scared to fight?

      • It’s not the republican conservatives that are the problem. It’s the RINOs pretending to be conservatives when they are really dummycrat sympathizers.

  1. We can win because it’s more of US than them. They are the ones who are scared. If I lose my life fighting for my freedom, it’s worth it. We have many veterans who have fought for our freedoms and are willing to do it again; scared or not I love this country and WE THE PEOPLE are the government. That’s what these traitors have forgotten. We can and will win Tim, with or without the Republicans. God bless America!


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