“They Can’t Even Keep The Power On”: Gov DeSantis SLAMS Liberal California


He ended Newsom’s whole career!


That’s my Governor!! Go Ron DeSantis!!

Here in Commiefornia, they want everyone having electric cars, cars not many can afford, then they ask us to not use electricity until after 9 pm….insanity over here


  1. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Elon Musk and more power to him sellin’ Teslas and freakin’ out the Libbies/Lefties at Twitter, but electric cars are the worst answer to a non-issue you could come up with. Firstly, there’s the price of the things – people who can’t afford a regular gas-powered car are told to spend twice as much on an electric vehicle, but God help you if you have to replace the batteries, because that will cost you as much as the car originally did. And then you have the weather issue – remember last winter and all those folks snow bound in traffic jams which went for miles? If you had a gas car, you could at least get a can of gas to keep the heater on, but if you had an electric vehicle? Well, good luck finding a long enough extension cord (and, of course, cold can cut the effective range/duration of a battery’s charge by 70-90%). Then along comes summer and you can’t recharge your engine because of the drain on the power supply. What you bought, in short, is an expensive yard ornament. But it’s good for the planet, right? Uh, no – the first law of thermodynamics basically means that even the best electric vehicle is gonna use twice the power of a conventional gas engine – twice as much coal or natural gas or gasoline to get the same number of miles (with commensurately greater CO2 production). The only way around that is to use only renewable power (windmills, hydroelectric, solar cells) but then, because of the fire hazard of “transporting” electric power, you have to shut down the transmission lines during dry periods (as California and now Oregon have done), so, unless you live next to the Hoover Dam, you’re kind of SOL. And what is the expected reduction in CO2 emissions from all this hassle, expense, and inconvenience? Maybe 5%. If you switched to natural gas (of which the USA was the biggest producer and exporter until Biden shut it all down), you could achieve anywhere from a 25% to 75% reduction in CO2 emissions, almost immediately and with fairly modest alterations and costs. SO, my modest proposal? Every electric car should come with a “Brawndo, It’s What Plants Crave” bumper sticker, ’cause, you know, Libs BELIEVE that “science is real” (they just don’t KNOW any real science).

  2. This should be the next president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Please don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump was a great president, but the country needs to calm down. I feel Ron DeSantis is that man!!


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