My God He Lies So Effortlessly. Almost Like He Never Gets Called Out.



He didn’t have an “advanced notice” of the exact time, but I’m 100% sure he knew what was going to happen!

My god he lies so effortlessly. Almost like he never gets called out.


  1. Hidenbiden is a cronic liar, and he thinks were stupid enough, to believe him. If this pathetic,buffoons,lips are moving we know he’s lying, just like most of his minions, in his administration. We also know that the FBI and big tech interfered in the election,to stop Trump from winning. So now that we know we have a fake president, and administration, we need to remedy the situation,they don’t belong governing, because they stole the election, and we need to fix it.

  2. That so reminds me of what probably happened – from the reputable business man Hunter engaged to help set up things for them – when he found out how they were operating ie ‘what they were selling, as Biden’s office, influence and cooperation’ he asked Joe’s brother if they didn’t worry about how they were operating and explaining it? Joe’s brother said “it’s plausible deniability”!!!! The administration “knew” what was going to happen, but I’m sure the instructions were “don’t give us any warning when you are going to strike” – so that we will have “plausible deniability”!!

  3. It is so true there are so many lies and we don’t know the truth anymore so we have to put it up on ourselves to choose which way to go and what to believe. Which Stories we believe and whom we believe. We shall always have trust the Lord in our hearts because he will not guide us wrong. I agree with whoever said above the fake president he is not our president he is not a true president I don’t even know if he knows what comes out of his mouth because it doesn’t make sense more than half the time.
    He’s going rogue on his own party now or at least that’s what they’re saying maybe they just don’t want to be in trouble. All I can say ” The Lord is still in control and he will bring us through this as long as we count on him of which I do.
    About these vaccines it’s so wrong I’m getting all sorts of notices from CDC and WIH Etc… that there’s been so many lies and they’re sorry for them, we’ve been deceived it was a trial which we were never told it was a trial. Many babies have died, many women have had miscarriage or have babies born with issues from the vaccines because mothers were mandated to take the vaccines, and other people have died of issues caused by the vaccines. I can’t even talk about this I start to cry myself I try to stand strong and pray and we will survive. I don’t care who’s in the White House God is above them all just stand strong America and other people we can come together and God will bless us as long as we have faith. My prayer for the USA and the rest of the world. As ” We hang our heads now not in shame but in silence and belief that GOD Is in control and we depend on him to bring us through
    the deceitful ways of our governments that we shall be rewarded with the truth. Once again we will know what to do to take care our people our nations and those in need. With a honest heart and sound mind and a deep love through Jesus Christ our savior. Believers and non-believers alike may the Lord take us out of this darkness and lead us to trust in our governments again I pray in Jesus name amen!!! Not as just one nation under GOD but as the entire world under GOD. Lord please hear our prayers. Thank you for healing our minds our bodies and or hearts is Jesus name once again ” Amen”


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