Joe Biden has put America on a ‘really terrible path’


US President Joe Biden isn’t “making decisions” about running the country himself, says Fox News contributor Lara Trump. “It is terrifying because our process here in America is that the voters get to choose who leads us,” she said. “You see decision after decision that Joe Biden has made and where it has led us in America. “Whoever is making these decisions has put America on a really terrible path.”


I think the damage is irreversible regardless if republicans win next time. Brace yourselves

Biden: “No-one f**ks with a Biden”. Stairs and bicycles: “Hold our beers “.


  1. Personally, I don’t think people have the foggiest idea of what Biden is doing to this country. I truly feel he’s actually third in command with Soros calling the shots, passing them down to Obama then from Obama to Biden. Our country is now in BIG trouble thanks to the moronic idiotic fools who didn’t look at Biden’s past record and blindly voted for him. The U.S. was once a free nation and was also the leader of the world. Any country that had problems turned to us. Those things are no longer the case.

  2. commissar, comrade cho bai din isn’t running anything, he can barely run his mouth,…. but yes I must agree that and soro’S and obamA are doing a lot of the Navigating,…. and also Must Agree that America IS on the Wrong path,…. with National security concerns paralleling the days of Pancho villa on the Border,….Economic Concerns Rivaling Jiminy carter,…. Energy concerns Equaling 1973,…. and Race concerns Rivaling the days of the Dixie-Crats,…. Faith in Government at a low Not seen in My lifetime,…. Faith in the medical community not seen since the days of Barter-medicine,

  3. That’s hitting the nail on the head!!!! Right on!!! Right now mid-terms
    are a start and important one!! The Demo’s have to go !!! Big Time!!!!
    So everyone do their part to see this happens……that’s a beginning.
    We have to turn this ship around ASAP and throw the one’s responsible
    overboard….or……we sink into the depth’s ….where we do NOT want
    to be!!! We have been feeling it the last 2 years…..A change got to
    come!!! SOON!!!!


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