Dan Bongino: Will this become the biggest surveillance tool in human history?



At first, they will start limiting things most people would agree with. They’ll start with something like cigarettes or junk food. Then they’ll progress to things like gasoline and electricity.

The digital age has also ushered in the authoritarian state. At an accelerated rate.


  1. The big question is this. What exactly is it going to take to shut these people down? What part of the word FREEDOM don’t they understand? Everyone knows that these impositions will not be for the elite. Tell Bill Gates that he must limit his travel and live in a green crackerbox while having limits on how much energy he’s allowed to use. I would imagine that they’ll invent the “barter police” to keep people from trading goods and services. You know. Slavery. Dystopia!

  2. One day, law and order will come back to our country. Those that have gone against “we the people” will have a very rough time. Most despots need to read a few history books. To watch continuous lies when they look into a camera and say our border is secure. They think our citizens are stupid! Magic carpets and throwing money at a NWO and saying it’s for clean air doesn’t fool anyone with 1/2 a brain. And compromising our country for a few $$$’S and knowingly hiding the evidence, will come back on you. This next election will be watched very carefully. We’ve already seen how the Kenyan’s friends did everything they could to steal the last election, as it’s finally getting out. Zuckerfarb put $millions of cash out against the rules and then he cries that the FB-Lie made him use algorithms to silence President Trump. We are still being run by the Kenyan, as the Delaware vacationer doesn’t run anything but the schedule sending him to Rehoboth on weekends, and clueless Kamala thinks we have a great relationship with N. Korea. If President Trump were still here, we probably would! And Vlad wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Bribe’m hadn’t shut-down our oil! And Kamala is worried about how we give Hurricane relief based on color, as Obama/Kenyan brings millions across our border and say’s Americans only complain about this because of their brown color. No Kenyan, it’s because they are invaders crossing into our country, because we have individuals at the top positions in our government that are “Derelict of Duty” and are failing to protect, “We The People”. And DOJ invades homes of our citizens that have done nothing wrong but break-up a disturbance a pro-abortionist started with his son, so they raid the home and could have shot the 7 children in the process. How did this happen, and at who’s order?

  3. It reminds me of a “few good men” movie. To get the Top honcho on the stand (like the time with Crooked Hillary when she lost her cool and said “What does it matter” that Christopher Steven was dragged to his death and men died in Benghazi while under her sleep at the wheel watch as Secretary of State. Get them on the Stand and frustrate the crap out of them so they get so insulted they lose their cool and the truth comes out or water board them.. lol


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