Clean up on aisle Biden’: US president’s decline ‘happening right before our eyes’


Sky News host James Morrow says US President Joe Biden’s “bizarre decline” is “happening right before our eyes”. Mr Morrow says there is a new “Biden phenomenon” he has seen, adding onto the observed “walk around Joe” and “walk away Joe” – “walk back Joe”. “The latest dramatic example of this happened not once but twice during Joe Biden’s interview with the American 60 Minutes last weekend,” he said. “It was disgraceful, not only because it was the first time the president had sat down one on one with a journalist for more than 200 days, and only to get softball questions pitched at him. “But because he said stuff that was bizarre and not policy which led to someone at the White House coming on over the PA to say ‘clean up on aisle Biden’.” Mr Morrow said President Biden vowed to defend Taiwan if attacked by China and declared the pandemic over in the interview – both things the White House had to amend. “But if the president keeps saying things and then the white house keeps correcting him, the question is: who’s really in charge?” he said. “It increasingly looks a lot like the answer to that is not the president.”


As a 30+ year nurse, and a daughter who cared for a father with “garden variety dementia “ that comes to some with age, Biden should not be in any position of responsibility, much less the most powerful position of the USA. It is so easy to see, and frankly it’s abuse of the elderly. My dad was able to dress, walk, do must things, but he just needed someone to be there in case he left gas on, or got confused. This is what I see in Biden’s behavior. It’s wrong and we should all be afraid. “Grownups” back in charge indeed. Give me mean tweets any day.

Biden’s Presidency is like watching a remake of “Weekend at Bernies”..


  1. I can only hope that he gets worse and worse. I don’t feel sorry for him, I CAN’T stand him. What he has done already and still doing to destroy our country doesn’t seem to prevent his dementia from doing a hell of a job destroying this country. I’d like to see him fall flat on his face in front of millions. What will the corrupt media say then? FJB!

  2. and it’s DR jill, professor jill (LOL) fault
    it’s just plain elderly abuse
    all his executive orders and laws should be null and void because he has NO CLUE
    dementia joe needs to go
    country and world heading towards WWIII or civil war here


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