BREAKING: Explosive Report! Biden Stripped Trump’s Executive Privilege To EXECUTE Mar-a-Lago Raid



An administration with no moral character whatsoever.

This doesn’t surprise anyone we all knew they were in the middle of this


  1. Hidenbiden, just made the biggest mistake of his life, authorizing the raid of Trump’s home. This will come back to haunt and destroy u,u may think u got away with this,but u didn’t,u just impeached yourself. U set yourself, and your crackhead son,up for investigation, and ruin.

  2. Mr Trump is no longer Pres. (executive) but rather a regular citizen, and no longer entitled to the ‘executive privilege’ he enjoyed and abused while Commander-in-chief. Mr. Dershowitz, attempting to remain relevant, continues to comment on his old friends like Trump, Ghislaine Maxwell and J Epstein and is mystified as to why he is shunned on the Vineyard!

    • Jimbo, if you can’t understand that Biden and company are operating outside the Constitution, you need to educate yourself on the Constitution.

    • Don’t be stupid! Clinton retained his executive privilege after sending a honcho steal documents from the National Archive in his underwear while his wife was sending classified information over private servers and punished by Comey with a slap on the wrist for being “careless.” Executive Privilege cannot be revoked unless a crime has been committed. Biden will be indicted as soon as we can restore justice to the criminal Justice Department.

  3. Even the dumbest among us know that when a President steps down he never really steps down he still has secret service around the clock wherever he may go he is provided with transportation office space he is privy to top secret info he does not have executive privilege he has executive courtesy To have 30 FBI agents show up armed with automatic weapons this is not a democracy it is a .. you name

  4. this pino is a total treason suit waiting to happen & it will! Gitmo awaits this prize asswipe of a phony potus…guess I’ll see FBI for spouting the truth now….


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