Biden Delivers Most ‘Divisive, Hate-filled And Fallacious’ Speech


US President Joe Biden’s address to the nation on the American soul was the most “divisive, hate-filled and fallacious” speech, says Sky News host Rita Panahi. Ms Panahi said the President’s “hate speech” delivered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia today perfectly “matched the dystopian aesthetic”. “Far from unifying the country, the President is keen to paint half of America as filled with extremists who want to destroy democracy,” she said. “And of course, no Biden speech is complete without the leader of the free world looking a little dazed and confused. “But I want to say, I prefer the incomprehensible gibberish we often get from Joe Biden compared to the dangerous, divisive diatribe we got today.”


That was the most sinister, divisive and hate filled speech I have ever witnessed from a US president.

I am so fearful for my country. This was a horrible speech from a horrible, corrupt man. It’s also forbidden to have the military in view in political speeches like he did. Shameful that his Secretary of Defense and military leaders would allow it.


  1. Biden and the democrats party have lost their minds. The pressure of their constant failure combined with the knowledge the mid terms sre going to Wipeout the democrats unless they commit massive voter fraud in a climate where everyone will be watching them is driving the democrats insane.

    Bidens insane threatening divisive speech was a vivid example of just how deranged the entire democrat party has become.

    Orange man was much better.

  2. I’m glad to be a threat to democracy. This country is a representative republic, NOT a democracy. If this country was a democracy only the 10 most populous states would rule the rest of the country, which means the whole country would look like a cross section of California and New York.

  3. Probably wasn’t the real Military.
    Just FAKE like everything else those IDIOTS are trying to make people believe.
    Just like him getting elected.

  4. So much for the “unifier.” Democrats are everything they claim the Republicans are. As for Biden, the KKK lover, his handlers can’t keep him from revealing just how hate filled he and they really are. They are not fit for office. We need true unifiers, not political hacks whose purpose is to fire up their followers with these kinds of lies so that they will be willing to cheat, lie and commit any crime, while accusing their opponents of doing exactly what they are doing.

  5. Something else I noticed about Biden’s speech. Or before it. His wife was actually leading him and he looked like a zombie. Then he gave his “speech” that was nothing less than hate mongering. Is that guy on some kind of drugs? I’ve noticed him acting very strange and am definitely inclined to think so. Perhaps that might have something to do with his open border policy. I also find myself wondering how many substantial deposits have been made to Biden’s bank accounts by drug cartels.


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